Great Boats for Sale Long Island

Great Peconic Bay Marina is a trusted destination when it comes to great looking boats for sale Long Island. Contact us today for affordable deals and more information!

We have a standing reputation as one of Long Island’s first choice when it comes to all things boats. This is due to the fact that we cater for an array of boating needs such as dockage, marine repair, maintenance and much more.

Another perk about our marina is the fact that we’re located in a fantastic destination.It’s no wonder so many folksbecome members of the Great Peconic Bay Marina. We also offer 24/7 surveillance on one of your most valuable assets with remote controlled access.

What do you get from our boats for sale long Island


We offer a good selection of boats for sale in NY featuring various models of yachts, sailboats and fishing vessels. We have various sizes featuring cabins, splash decks, and lots more great characteristics that make it suited to your needs.

We make certain that all of our boats for sale are in good to great condition and  they cater for various price budgets to help you be able to own your very own boat. In fact we have something whether you’re a new boat owner or have owned more than one.

As a family run business who has more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we endeavor to fulfill many of your boating and dockage needs.

What other perks are there when buying boats for sale Long Island


Long Island is surrounded by beautiful waters, so many residents here and within the New York region own a boat. Great Peconic Bay Marina is a great place to start your search for the most suitable boat to purchase.

As a member of our marina we offer an array of services and extras that not every other marina in the region affords their members. Some of these include dockage for various occasions including transient and seasonal.

You can also rest assure that your boat is safe with us because we are a secure facility that is monitored with the latest technology.We also cater vessels up to 65ft.

Our rates for docking and storage are very competitive and yes, you can store your boat all year long and throughout every season. We also offer repairs and maintenance with our team of specialized technicians with over 35 years of experience.

Embarking on other great places to see is also very common with us because of our fine location in South Jamesport, in the North Fork region. We are close to the popular wine country, as well as many other places like Downtown Riverhead and Greenport to name a few.

We also have exciting events to keep you, your friends and family entertained here with us.

If you’re looking for some good boats for sale Long Island, then you’ve come to the right place. At Great Peconic Bay Marina we cater for your needs whether you’re looking for a large 60ft or a compact, yet nifty 26ft vessel.We may just have it in stock for you. Contact us today and arrange for a viewing.