Quality Boat Repair In Long Island

Looking for excellent boat repair in the Long Island region? You’re in the right place!

We have an expert seasoned team with over 35 years of experience repairing all types of vessels. With this being our family business since 1978, we have confidence in knowing what your vessel needs when restoring it. Some of our services include:

*Our technicians are Certified Marine Service Technicians

  • Mechanical Repairs – Mechanical Repairs are fundamental to the success of your voyage.
  • Engine(s) – Engine repairs and maintenance is essential for your boat to be able to run.
  • Plumbing – We manage and fix all your vessel’s plumbing requirements.
  • Electrical – We have certified marine service technicians meet any of your electrical needs.
  • Fiberglass – We specialize in fiberglass maintenance and repairs.
  • Painting/varnish – We make sure your vessel is always looking good by repairing any paint.
  • Sails/rigging – We repair and replace sails and rigging work.
  • Canvas – With a wide selection of canvas available, we repair and replace existing canvas.
  • Cleaning/detailing – We help keep your boat looking its best with great detailing.
  • Boat lettering – We redo any lettering you need on your boat.

We’re Long Island’s number one choices when it comes to boating needs. Our services include boat repairs, dockage, and a few additional extras that a few other marinas in the region do not offer.

We strive to keep your boat in tip-top shape at all times so you can enjoy it for many years to come!

If you need quality boat repair in Long Island, then contact us today for our wide selection of repair and maintenance services! We want to ensure you get the longevity of your boat!